Board Of Directors


CEO, Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.) Limited

Professional Qualification

MBBS Dow Medical College


Mr. Fawad Yusuf graduated from Dow Medical College in 1987 with a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery. Having an investment inclination since the beginning, Mr. Yusuf started investing in the equity market and saw an opportunity to partnership with a reputed brokerage house in PSX. In early 1992 Mr. Yusuf bought a membership card and started his brokerage house independently. In 2000, the brokerage house was turned into a corporate brokerage house, to bring the corporate discipline into the business. The house started accumulating quite a number of clients and various funds in a short span of time. Mr. Yusuf is also a member of various committees at PSX and adds value to them by offering services through his immense experience.

Mr. Yusuf also holds the following positions:

 1)    Trustee member of MMI, Memon Medical Institute, a state of the art health and educational organization

 2)    Corporate member of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange since 2000

Mr. Fawad Yusuf also holds a significant stake in various mutual funds and blue chip companies registered in the Pakistan Stock Exchange

Nasir Yusuf

Director Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.)

Limited Professional Qualifications

Graduate – Karachi University


Mr. Nasir Yusuf started his career in 1978 at Habib Bank Ltd, Karachi. In 1982, he joined Doha Bank Ltd, Qatar. During his tenure of eight years, he made significant achievements which provided a rich experience in terms of exposure to global banking environment. This knowledge offered him considerable insight into the business of foreign exchange and remittances. Mr. Yusuf joined Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.) Limited as head of securities and fixed income department, after returning to Pakistan in 1990. In 1992 he established Oriental Exchange and under his leadership and guidance the company attained a reputable status in the local exchange market. After the introduction of Exchange Companies in Pakistan, he co-founded Habib Qatar International Exchange Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. As an active member of the Board of Directors and dedicated Chief Executive of the company, he transformed the company into a leading ‘Home Remittance’ business of the country.

On the social services front, Mr. Nasir Yusuf is a significant participant in welfare activities of different organizations.

 1)    Managing Director Friends Fabrics, a leading exporter of ready-made garments

 2)    Director of Al-Ahmed Textiles Mills Limited

Shenila Fawad (Director)


Seema Nasir (Director)