company Profile

Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.) Limited.

Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.) Limited was established in 1992. Since its establishment, it has proliferated into one of the most thriving brokerage houses in one of Asia’s top performing markets, the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

In the year 2000, the company transitioned into a corporate brokerage house in order to conduct operations more proficiently in Pakistan’s evolving economy. Fawad Yusuf Securities (Pvt.) Limited is managed under Mr. Fawad Yusuf for the past two decades. This has resulted in the company’s reputable business culture of management professionalism, intensive focus on systems, capitalization, and committed responsiveness to every aspect of the client’s needs.

Fawad Yusuf Securities pvt. Ltd is also a member of The Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) which provides brokerage facilities in commodities.

Mr. Fawad Yusuf is also interested in a textile spinning unit