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Account Maintenance

Share Transfer Performa

For transfer of shares to/from CDC please fill out the Share Transfer Performa available on our website.

Funds Deposit

Funds can be transferred to your account through various methods.

  • Cheque
  • Pay Order
  • Online Transfer

Money can be deposited to your account through cheque, cash, pay order or through online transfer (electronic funds transfer), from any online branch of the following banks. After transferring the funds send us a copy of the receipt by email, fax or hand. In case of online transfer please also include the details such as amount, client code and receipt number.

Note: All Documents to be signed and stamped by Company secretary. Where the applicant is a nonresident/foreigner, a duly certified copy of power of attorney by the consulate general of Pakistan having jurisdiction over the applicant(s) should be submitted.
Note: For Foreign Clients/Corporations please contact us by email or phone for more information. One of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.
Contact us on:
Phone: +92 (21) 32467427-30