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• Equities Account can opened with just Rs. 25,000. • For Commodities Account the minimum requirement is Rs. 25,000.
• There are no hidden charges.

Documents required


  1. Two copies of national identity card.
  2. Copy of national identity card of the joint account holder and/or Nominee.
  3. Copy of the passport of the applicant, joint account holder and/or Nominee, in case any individual is a non-resident.
  4. Letter of authorization from the account holder, for the individual authorized to trade in his/her account, in case the account holder would like to authorize one.
  5. Zakat declaration form attested by oath commissioner of main applicant and joint holder(if applicable).
  6. Bank verification on Page # 11 (Column "F") of our Account Opening Form.
  7. Completed KYC form as per instructions.
  8. Cheque or Pay Order in favor of Fawad Yusuf Securities Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Board of resolution on the letterhead of the company.
  2. Certified true copy of constituent documents of applicant (Memorandum & articles of association, Act/charter/statute/bylaws/Rules & regulations etc).
  3. Trust deed in case of mutual funds.
  4. List of authorized signatories with NIC photocopies or passport photocopies in case of foreigners.
  5. List of nominated persons allowed to place orders.
  6. List of directors with NIC photocopies.

Note: All Documents to be signed and stamped by Company secretary. Where the applicant is a nonresident/foreigner, a duly certified copy of power of attorney by the consulate general of Pakistan having jurisdiction over the applicant(s) should be submitted.

Note: For Foreign Clients/Corporations please contact us by email or phone for more information. One of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.

Contact us on:

Email: info@fyslonline.com
Phone: +92 (21) 32467427-30

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