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Reach us at: +92 (21) 32467427 - 30
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Share Transfer Performa

For transfer of shares to/from CDC please fill out the Share Transfer Performa available on our website.

Funds Deposit

Funds can be transferred to your account through various methods.

  • Cheque
  • Pay Order
  • Online Transfer

Money can be deposited to your account through cheque, cash, pay order or through online transfer (electronic funds transfer), from any online branch of the following banks. After transferring the funds send us a copy of the receipt by email, fax or hand. In case of online transfer please also include the details such as amount, client code and receipt number.

Habib Metro Bank
Pakistan Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 0118-20311-106355
Branch Code: 18

Bank Al-Habib
Pakistan Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 1012-0081-000782-01-9
Branch Code: 1012

Summit Bank
Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 1-2-5-20311-714-102191
Branch Code: 1-2-5

Bank Al-Falah
Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 1000047
Branch Code: 0012

United Bank Limited (UBL)
Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 1048694
Branch Code: 0682

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
Stock Exchange Branch
Account Number: 47089
Branch Code: 1063

The Cheques, Pay Orders and Reciepts can also be mailed at the following address:

Office Address:         Suite 301-304 Pakistan Stock Exchange,
Office Address:         New Stock Exchange Building,
Office Address:         Stock Exchange Road karachi.

Office Contact No.: +92 (21) 2425731-38
Office Contact No.: +92 (21) 32443155-56

Email Address:        info@fyslonline.com

Funds Withdrawal

Funds can withdrawn from your FYSL Trade account, by means of requesting a cash withdrawal request, from your trading software or online trading account after logging in. Clients can also request a withdrawal by emailing us at info@fyslonline.com through their registered email addresses or by calling us at any of the following numbers:
Office Contact No.: +92 (21) 2425731 Ext 102

If you maintain an account at any of the banks mentioned below, funds can be withdrawn electronically as well by emailing us your details (client code, bank account number, withdrawal amount) through your registered email address. Electronic funds transfer can also me be made by requesting us over the phone through the above mentioned phone numbers.

  • Habib Metro Bank
  • Bank Al-Habib
  • Summit Bank
  • Bank Al-Falah
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
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